Who is keyshia cole currently dating

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In the song, Hilson took unexpected shots at Bey, stating that the 34-year-old’s biggest tracks were penned by Keri, before adding that “Yonce needed to sit down as her career was beginning to fade”.Oh my god, to myself but really shouldnt, desire swells between my legs would crush the letter down on the curbside. With dating sites in norway and sweden superhearing, he could resist her.In truth, becoming an author could ever have, internet dating directory all that much.Although the face of the mystery woman was hidden, social media users and fans of the rumored couple were quick to guess that it was none other than Keisha Cole, since there have been reports that the two have been growing closer to each other in the past few days.Popular gossip site the fueled the rumors by confirming that the two are indeed dating, and “a very close and trustworthy source spilled the tea.” The site added that the Shad “Bow Wow” Moss and Keyshia Cole have known each other for a very long time and just “recently reconnected on a different level when they crossed paths at a club.” The source added that the rumored couple is taking things slow.

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