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FULL HISTORY PROPERTY SEARCH: A property title search will report the registered owner and details of ownership and outstanding encumbrances.

In addition we will provide a full history of changes of ownership as far back as requested or as far as available records permit.

With vars: # drop with catmandu $ catmandu drop Elastic Search --index_name website --bag blog # import via curl $ curl -XPUT 'localhost:9200/website/blog/123?

pretty' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d' ' # count with catmandu $ catmandu count Elastic Search --index_name website --bag blog 1 # export with catmandu $ catmandu export Elastic Search --index_name website --bag blog Oops!

PROPERTY SUB-SEARCH OF TITLE: Ordered most frequently of all available search options.

Our property sub-search will provide the registered owner(s) of a given property, the date acquired, legal description, and purchase price.

The right hand side of the window is divided into three panes.

The Options pane allows you to fine tune each of your indexing rules, the Index pane shows the resulting index for each rule, and finally, in the Schedule pane you can choose whether and when the index shall be rebuilt.

Amendment to filing (from) plus applicable taxes and government fees. *Fee based on maximum search time of 5 hours, single root of title.

In addition we will report on any liens or encumbrances and related documents such as mortgages, and amendments, pending litigation, work orders, constructions liens and details associated with each instrument.

OWNERSHIP/ TENANCY CONFIRMATION: This search will confirm who the registered owner on a given address is.

The index window lets you perform all administrative tasks related to Launch Bar’s index.

You can create and edit your indexing rules, perform manual or scheduled index updates, explore the resulting index, rename or disable particular index items, etc.

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