Preparation for dating

to Put Yourself Out There You must put yourself out there as much as possible, whether physically or virtually.

The most challenging part will be the radio silence from time to time.

I have encountered people who a little while into a relationship suddenly announce that they are not ready, or that it is all too soon, or they were unprepared. It is easy to dismiss such instances as people on the rebound, or making excuses but the fact is, about 33% of all people on the dating scene are not really prepared for dating and are free styling it.

Some people may be on the rebound from a previous relationship, they may be looking for an escape route, or most likely they are panicking because of the new set of emotions they are facing, often unexpectedly.

I won’t lie, I hated that Reese and I were four driving-hours apart.

Sometimes it felt like the distance was slowly tearing our relationship apart.

Here are five ways that long-distance dating made our relationship stronger and ultimately prepared my husband and me for marriage.

Many times Reese and I would meet up together for the day in Birmingham, Ala., which was equal driving distance for us both from our homes. and think, Well, in reality, that’s hardly enough time to grab coffee, eat lunch, and maybe go for a walk.

Do whatever you need to do to find your inner Unicorn. Dress the Part Decide in advance what you are going to wear. But long distance presented challenges that also helped our relationship grow strong.After we got married and moved in together, I saw how all our years of separation only helped our future (and now present) relationship.At 20 years old and heading into my last year of college, I knew that my now husband, Reese, and I were ready for marriage.Sure, I was young and marriage isn’t easy, but thanks to more than three years of long-distance dating, we both had the chance to develop healthy relationship skills that made marriage far less intimidating.

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