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In many ways, the "messy room" is emblematic of the adolescent age. However, to parents (even more to step parents), the messy room can feel like an affront to domestic order, representing "disrespect" for the more neatly kept home they value. "It's our home, and you will live according to the standards of household order that we set!

Usually beginning in early adolescence (years 9 - 13) as a function of personal disorganization brought on by more growth change than the young person can easily manage, this state of internal confusion and external disarray quickly attracts parental attention. Their expression of disapproval in response usually becomes an affront to the adolescent who sees a power issue worth fighting for. " So the battle lines are drawn for a conflict of mess up vs. For the adolescent, there can be a lot at stake in asserting the right to the messy room - issues about independence, individuality, and opposition to parental rules.

Better to hold them selves responsible for not adequately supervising what matters to them.

If you want your child to do the maintenance work to keep his or her room picked up, you are going to have to do the supervisory work to get that cleaning up to happen.

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