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Because mothers and daughters tend to be so intimate during childhood, this shift from a simple to a complex and volatile relationship is disconcerting for mothers." "Disconcerting" ? And for single mothers, there is no father to play buffer when mother and daughter go at it - much like two wolverines in a too-small cage."Little Women" -style group hugs won't cut it in these special circumstances. One is a natural, but touchy, subject: the feeling a mother gets that her place as the center of attention might somehow be usurped by her daughter.A single parent could be a male or a female who is uncoupled and is completely responsible for the upbringing of a child or children.In most of the cases it’s the mother who heads the single parent family.

How many women find themselves at the receiving end of their daughter’s clipped comment, “You’re wearing on a date?

The proof is in the ever-widening section of the book store devoted to helping single parents get through the difficulties - both economic and emotional - of raising kids alone.

But my problem was far more complex, and far less written about: my "child" was a teenager - a teenage girl. Ann Caron, in her book "Don't Stop Loving Me - A Reassuring Guide for Mothers of Adolescent Daughters," put the mother / teen female relationship in perspective: "An adolescent daughter may still look like a little girl, but the little-girl devotion to mother has vanished.

The reason of a single parenthood could be attributed to the death of a partner, a divorce or an unplanned pregnancy.

Single parenting for teenagers is not easy and fraught with complications.

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