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But somehow I got into a situation like this:"Thalia, why am I doing this?Honestly, you sound like those freaky cat ladies and widows." Thalia said aloud. You have this certain...thing now that you've saved the world. It wasn't that she wasn't comfortable in her own skin, it was just that that was how she was comfortable. She wasn't surprised that girls had started flocking towards him."Well, come on, Percy. "She blushed and closed her computer, setting it to the side. "Don't let it go to your head.""Well, if it matters, I think you're..." Percy swallowed tightly. He stared up at the dark ceiling, thinking about her. He would kiss her until he couldn't breathe and then they'd kiss again. They weren't awkward with each other, but anything could happen when you were nervous. She always wore jeans or shorts, T-shirt or tank tops.

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Besides, you are pretty hot.""And here I was all excited that I had friends," he grumbled. She didn't like skirts too short or too tight and those seemed to be the only skirts made.

Everyone at camp thought this to be strange since they thought Percy and Annabeth had been dating for a little over a month. it's funny, this time feels more, real." He cracked a smile at the insider her just said. "So EVERYONE at camp saw us…""Play a friendly game of tongue tag? "You guys might have your second fight over it, so watch out."Percy hadn't even kept tabs on how much him and Annabeth fought.

Despite the past month being a game, Percy finally thought his life would be speeding down to a normal spot. The funniest part was, no one knew why he was smiling."I can tell you're happier, sheesh what exactly happened in that underwater bubble? All he knew was that when they were first fake-dating, it was a lot.

He just wondered how much worse a fight in a real relationship was. "Well if you're going to have a relationship with her, than know this, there's enough pride in that girl for the both of you. I'm more of a "get right to it" type of guy."She shook her head, but smiled.

All he knew was, the blame would be shifted to him for taking them underwater and she would probably kill him."I should probably go tell Annabeth that… Therefore, yours is really unnecessary.""Where is Annabeth?

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